Tuesday, February 27, 2007


It's that time again for a Leon news update. This month we are posting our team news with articles from all of our team members. To read that news, just click on the graphic below.

We do want to share a couple of news updates not mentioned in the team news below. We were blessed to see two more baptisms this month. One of which was late last night at 12:30. The Leon missionaries were visiting some of our members at a funeral at midnight when we learned that our AIM students were baptizing someone. So, we jumped in the car, drove to the building and quickly started filling the baptistery with cold water. Talk about a crazy night!

Our small group study is going well as we have been blessed with a constant flow of people who seem eager to know Christ. We really do love our group and are excited to watch our contacts freely talk about Jesus in ways they had never done before.

Jessica and I have been studying with a woman named Patricia and her daughter Evilyn each week. Last week Patricia said that she was ready to accept Christ but has not yet done so. Please pray for Patricia as we are eager to see a new sister come to Christ and don't want to see the seed of the Gospel snatched from her heart.

There are lots of other things happening here in Leon, like an evangelistic campaign this week, our monthly prayer night on Wednesday, continued work with college students, teenagers, and families here in the city. All of these things require prayers and we ask that you will bring them before the Lord in your daily life.

That's all for us now. Please read the team news and see those images by clicking below.

Thank you,
Chris Johnson

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