Saturday, July 22, 2006


Mexico News Update

July has been a great month filled with many opportunities and several new contacts. This month we were blessed with 2 baptisms while worship never dropped below 65. In fact, one Sunday we even reached 120+ people (not including 30 additional American visitors who attended). As you can imagine, we were a bit overwhelmed trying to fit this many people into a building equipped for seating 80 at the most. Still, it was a real joy to watch so many people clumped into our auditorium.

We truly have been blessed with various groups who have come and assisted in our work this last month. One congregation from Shawnee Oklahoma made a huge impact in Leon and resulted in at least four new contact families who have visited and studied with us. Another group from Lubbock, Texas helped us in an exciting VBS effort where yet more contacts are being made. Over all, the two groups made large contributions to a very successful summer season.

Small groups are starting to move along. Omar and Tana’s group has resulted in a new one-on-one study. Likewise, Shawn and Barb seem to be having success with their Friday group as new contacts have been visiting lately. Our group has remained fairly static while it has been generating new interest. Please keep these groups in your prayers as we continue to work to develop these in-house studies.

Of course, life here does continue to roll along. We are seeing a great work effort out of the new AIM students who are growing in their walk with God and ability to serve others. Likewise, the mission team here has been working double-time in these hectic summer months. The result is that we have seen some good fruit this summer. Our hope had been that baptisms would result from May, June, and July’s large mission push. It has been positive to see six baptisms since May and even more positive to observe the growth of leadership these past few weeks.

Jessica and I are right now planning on making a short three-week visit to the United States in late July and early August. It is planned that I will be preaching at five different congregations during this time and sharing our vision for the future work in Leon. Please keep this effort in your prayers as it will be a fast and furious visit. As always, Jessica and I highly value our partners and look forward to seeing many of you shortly. Because of our partners, we are able to assist our team in the task of world evangelism.

Thank You,
Chris Johnson

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