Monday, April 17, 2006


April Showers

Actually, the weather in Leon has been pretty nice this month with little rain. However, things have felt somewhat “muggy” and “gray” as church attendance has been lower than usual and as we iron out many of the details prior to workers arriving this summer. Of course, flowers are on the way. We will be making several large evangelistic pushes starting in May and can’t wait to see where these new works will lead us. Please keep this ministry in your prayers as we enjoy the “ups” and “not ups” of missions.

Mission Vision

The Leon missionaries constantly think back to the example of our predecessors and the ways in which other church leaders have spread a fire for world evangelism. The example of Mexico City missionaries from the 1980’s and early 90’s always strikes us as we recall their vision statement and the method of sharing that statement with others. In a similar fashion, we have formed a new vision statement here in Leon and are beginning to share it with the congregation. The concept of “Individual, Community, World” is our newly shared vision and direction for the body. In simplistic terms, we as individuals desire to be “One Person Changed By Christ, Changing The Community For Christ, That All The World Might Know Christ.” This vision of world evangelism and individual transformation is valuable to us, in that it explains to the body in clear forms exactly whom we are and exactly where we are going. We are a people that desire Christ’s change and that desire to share that change with others.

Sunday At The Park

On March 26th, the Leon South congregation held its first annual “Sunday At The Park” meeting. This time was designed both to unite the body, as well as to expose our congregation to those who would not normally step into our church building. We did enjoy the time of prayer, singing, and worship together as we saw many new and old faces meet together with us. Following the time together, we all shared in a traditional Mexican hotdog picnic together. Since the meeting, many have asked if we can make the get together a monthly event instead of simply a yearly one. We are glad that “Sunday At The Park” was a blessing to our brothers and sisters here and look forward to the next event similar to this one.

Continued Ministry

As always, ministry is still moving in Leon. The more we minister here, the more we learn and grow in our understanding of the enormous task ahead of us. We appreciate that you continue to remember our task and our work. Likewise, we praise God that you keep us in your prayers and provide for our needs. The work is still very young, but your faith in God to remain loyal to us has been a wonderful blessing.

Thank you.
Chris Johnson

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