Friday, September 16, 2005


It’s been a good month here this September with new contacts in the city learning the good news of Jesus, a new brother baptized into Christ, several church fellowship get-togethers, not to mention the regular work which we involve ourselves with daily. All in all, September has been a great time to remind us of why we are here, especially as Jessica and I prepare for our 12th month in Leon, Mexico.

Many of you have been praying for Gerardo and his family along with others who we are working with in the city. Three weeks ago, Gerardo began showing interest in our Bible studies with the salvation of Christ. After a few more studies, it became clear that Gerardo was ready to make his move towards Christ and said that it was time he place his faith in Jesus as Lord. I was very excited to be a part of Gerardo’s decision to die with Christ in baptism and am blessed to now call Gerardo a brother in Christ.

Gerardo’s decision has caused his wife Patty to also begin considering Jesus as her Lord. Please keep Gerardo and Patty in your prayers as they walk towards the goal of living like Christ. Also pray that Patty might follow in her husband’s footsteps and become clothed with Jesus, as Gerardo has been.

The workers in Leon are very excited as ministry really starts to pick up. We just finished making our 4th purchase of chairs, bringing us to 40+ seats in our building. Last week on Sunday we were absent 10 regulars to worship and still had 31 people, so we are expecting sometime soon to pass the 35-person barrier that we have yet to rise above on a regular Sunday worship. We have been seated firmly at 30 for over two months now and look forward to filling our auditorium even further.

Of course, the goal of ministry is not to merely get visitors in the door, but to share Christ and the Gospel with them. We have been working together as a team to make sure every visitor is given special attention. This attention includes having them in our homes, teaching them fundamentals of Christianity, sharing with them the Gospel, ministering to them, and loving them as Christ would. Our mission team is very diverse and gifted in this task and has already seen this diversity working together to take nationals from point “A” to point “B.”

With so many “ups” here in Leon, there are bound to be a few “downs.” I recall a teacher at LCU in the missions department who taught us that many times the “first ones drawn to the missionaries” end up being those who “stab you in the back.” Sadly, we have already faced this truth to some degree as we have seen a Christian here in Mexico cheat and even rob the church. Little did we know when we arrived that we would so quickly be dealing with “church discipline” issues. Still, I quickly think back towards all of those who Jesus dealt with, ministered to, and taught in his ministry. We have been called to Leon for sinners to accept the Gospel in faith. Pray for these in Leon that they will truly cast their sins towards God and repent of their worldliness as they come towards Christ.

Between house group studies, potlucks, Mexico’s Independence Day, football parties, leadership classes, and weekly Bible studies, we are experiencing a lot of good fellowship time here in Mexico. Just this week alone we as a body met together for two separate church get-togethers. As a body, we believe that such fellowship times are crucial for developing ministry opportunities. Whether we are teaching the basics of church leadership or simply sharing a meal, the more we meet together the strong bonds develop.

September is a special month for Jessica and I as we gear up for the anniversary of our first year in Leon and as I have my 30th birthday. The two events together remind me of how fast life moves and how great the task of sharing Jesus in Mexico is. Thank you to all who contribute in our task of world evangelism and have helped to get us here. We look forward to an even more productive second year in Leon now that we are adjusted to the culture and feel much more confident in the language. The seed has been and is being sown; we eagerly await more good results.

Chris Johnson

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